UNEP, Global Peatlands Initiative. Global Peatlands Assessment: The State of the World’s Peatlands - EVIDENCE FOR ACTION TOWARD THE CONSERVATION, RESTORATION, AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF PEATLANDS:

This assessment, delivered through the Global Peatlands Initiative partnership, is another key step on the road toward the Initiative making an impact and advancing climate and nature action. It is the most comprehensive assessment of peatlands to date, providing important new insights on the definition, location, extent, condition and governance of the world’s peatlands, their contribution to climate change and how they can be harnessed as NbS for climate, biodiversity and people. The goal of this assessment is to inform and inspire action in policy, research and practice that can help to protect, restore and sustainably manage peatlands now and long into the future.

This assessment was undertaken between 2020 and 2022 and provides a global overview of the current state, extent, governance and contributions to people of peatlands and of the drivers of peatland ecosystem change. Drawing on the best available science, the assessment is designed to help decision makers plan for sustainable peatland management and to mobilize and inspire peatlands conservation and restoration action at scale and at speed.